Facilities To Members

1. Salary & Allowances:
  Pay : Rs.3,000.00 per month.
  Compensatory Allowance : Rs.1,500.00 per month.
  Constituency Allowance : Rs.2,500.00 per month.
2. Daily Allowances Admissible :
During Session of the Assembly : On every day of attendance in the Sitting along with 2 subsequent days and 3 days preceding for attendance on the opening day and 3 days succeeding for attendance on the closing day.
For attending Committee Meetings / participating in Committee tours or for other business of Assembly :
Every day of attendance along with 2 days preceding and 2 days succeeding the day of such attendance.
3. Postal Allowance :
    In a lump at the rate of Rs.3,000.00 per year.
4. Books & Periodicals Allowances :
    In a lump at the rate of Rs.2000.00 per year.
5. Travelling Allowance :
By Road : @Rs.5.00 per k.m. for the first 100 kms. journey in a day and @ Rs.3.00 per k.m. thereafter.
By Rail : One half of the AC-II Class fare.
By Steamer : One and half of First Class fare for the Member and actual First Class fare for one companion.
By Air : One and one-fourth of actual fare.
6. Travel Facilities :
RAILWAY TRAVEL:. Coupons are issued to each Member for undertaking journey with one Companion in connection with his duties as a Member.
(a) in respect of all journeys to any place or places within the State of West Bengal;
(b) subject to a maximum limit of fifteen thousand kilometers in AC-II Class a year in respect of journeys to any place or places in India outside the State of West Bengal, excluding journeys in connection with the business of any Assembly Committees or any delegation of the Assembly;
(c) Members may travel in A.C. First Class within money value of allotted amount of Coupon for journey outside West Bengal.
Journey with one companion to any place within the State of West Bengal by any Road Transport or Tram Service provided by the State Transport Undertakings.
7. Telephone facilities :
Reimbursement of Installation Charges of two land-line telephones during tenure of an Assembly;
  Telephone charges allowance @Rs.3,000.00 per month.
There are some direct lines and Assembly PBX extension Telephones placed at different places in the Lobby and Party Rooms for use of Members.
PBX Extension telephones have been provided in all rooms of the State Legislators' Hostel wherefrom the Members may make local Telephone calls free of charges.
8. Stationery :
2000 Letter Heads and 1000 Envelopes are supplied free of cost to each member every year from the Assembly Secretariat.
Members may purchase Letter Pads and envelopes of 3 different Sizes on payment of the respective prices from the Treasurer, West Bengal Legislative Assembly Secretariat.
9. Housing facilities :
Members are provided with accommodation in the State Legislators' Hostel, Kolkata on a rent of Re.0.50 per head per day.
10. Medical facilities :
Members are entitled to Medical Attendance and Treatment for themselves and their families as follows :-
    (a) Free Medical Attendance and Treatment in State-aided Hospitals;
    (b) Re-imbursement of the cost of –
(i) medical attendance and treatment in State-aided hospitals, if any;
(ii) medical attendance and treatment by any medical practitioner either at his/her consulting rooms or at his/her residence;
(iii) pathological, bacteriological, radiological, bio-chemical or other methods of examination for the purpose of diagnosis carried out in a private laboratory or clinic;
(iv) dentures, if any;
(v) spectacles, if any ;
(vi) special nurse, if any ; and
(vii) medicines, vaccines sera or other therapeutic substances excluding those supplied free of cost for treatment in State or State-aided hospital.
Family means wife, husband, legitimate children (including step children) and parents of a Member of the West Bengal Legislative Assembly, wholly dependent on him/her.
A team of Medical Officers attend the Members at S.L.H. throughout the year and at the Assembly House during the Sessions.
11. Other facilities :
  There is a Library at the disposal of Members at the Assembly House;
A few State Transport Buses are provided for journeys to and from Assembly House for passage the Members during Sessions of the Assembly;
One Assembly bus ply between Assembly House and State Legislators’ Hostel for journey of the Members throughout the year;
  A Post Office functions in the Assembly House for the use of Members throughout the year;
A computerized Railway Booking Counter is operated in Assembly House throughout the year for attending the Members;
An Extension Counter of State Bank of India, Kolkata Main Branch functions within the precincts of the Assembly House, Kolkata throughout the year for use of the Members;
A Rationing Officer is deputed to the Assembly by the Food Department during Session time to the Assembly House for issue of temporary Food Ration Cards to the Mofussil Members of the House;
Television sets have been placed at the Assembly House as well as at the State Legislators' Hostel for use of Members. A Teleprinter machine is also installed at the Assembly House during Session Periods for their use;
During the days of sittings of the House, Members are supplied with Slip-pads for their use in the Assembly Chamber;

There are pigeonholes in individual names of the Members near the Vestibule on the Ground Floor of the Assembly House, where Members' Incoming Mails are kept during Sessions;


Members are exempted from paying Car Parking fees anywhere within
the jurisdiction of Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

Secretarial Assistance :
Assistance is rendered by Officers and Staff of the Secretariat to the Members on request, in framing Questions, drafting Bills, Resolutions, etc. and also in preparing claim bills etc.



1. Pension:
@Rs.1,500.00 per month for membership of one term or part thereof, Additional Rs.150.00 per month for every additional one year of membership, subject to a maximum of Rs.3,000.00 per month.
2. Medical Care:
Any person who has served as a Member of the Legislative Assembly or the Legislative Council shall be allowed to a medical allowance at the rate of rupees one thousand five hundred per month and such medical allowance shall be paid to such Member at the time of drawing his/her pension.
3. Travel :
Free travel facility by State run buses and trams with one companion, Railway Travel Coupons for journeys to and from any place within India in AC II Tier Class for 10000 kms. with one companion per year.
4. Family Pension :
The spouse of an Ex-Member is entitle to a pension equivalent to 50% of the pension of the Ex-Member on the date of his/her death, subject to a minimum of Rs.1,000.00 per month.
Medical Allowance for spouse of Ex-Members :
The spouse of an Ex-Member is allowed a Medical Allowance of Rs.750.00 per month


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